Hair Transplant Photos - Case #3322

Patient Case #3322

Procedures Performed – Hair Restoration:

This 36 year-old gentleman was unhappy with his “large, obvious bald spot.” He had starting noticing aggressive thinning in this region in his mid 20’s. He had success in slowing down the rate of hair loss with topical minoxidil and Propecia. However, after ten years since initially noticing the hair loss, he was at a point where he wished to restore his hair density in the “bald spot”.

He underwent a single FUT hair transplantation session of 1800 grafts focused primarily on the vertex. The painstaking recreation (follicle by follicle) of the patient’s innate swirl pattern is what allows for such a nautral result in which any evidence of a hair restoration procedure is virutally undetectable.

Gender: Male

Patient Age: 36
Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant

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