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facelift-midFor many years, the only options for addressing the gravity-related effects of aging in the face were the lower facelift/neck lift (which mainly treats the lower part of the face, jawline, and neck) and the brow lift (which corrects the upper part of the face). While these are very useful procedures, neither of them truly addresses the aging that takes place in the middle portion of your face. As you get older, the cheek area (called the mid-face) starts to sag with gravity. The result is a hollowed-out, tired appearance under the eyes as well as deeper folds around the mouth. The introduction of the endoscopic mid-facelift, also known as a cheek lift, has proven to be the missing link in reversing these signs of aging in the cheek area. At the Belage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Houston, the mid-facelift procedure helps our patients age gracefully.

Discover why innovative, personalized facial procedures have become so popular. To find out more about the mid-facelift in Houston, Texas, at the Belage Center, request a consultation with Dr. Yalamanchili or call our office at (713) 978-7878.

Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili

An experienced, double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Yalamanchili makes the physical and emotional wellbeing of each patient a priority.


How a Mid Facelift is Performed

Although it is a powerful procedure and it can help rejuvenate a large area of your face, Dr. Yalamanchili performs the mid-facelift using several small incisions that he places within the hairline. This minimally invasive approach is made possible because he uses an endoscope (a small, camera-like instrument) to perform this technically challenging procedure. With this technique, he is able to precisely lift the cheek and mid-face area back up to where it used to be when you were younger. In most people, the forehead and brow begin to droop at the same time the mid-face and cheek areas descend. In these situations, the brow lift is performed in conjunction with the mid-facelift. Since identical incisions and endoscopes are used, this combination works very well together and can lead to impressive, natural-looking results.

Mid-facelift patients can typically expect to be back to work in about two weeks. Since many of the procedural steps are similar, you can learn more by visiting our Brow Lift page. We also encourage you to view patient photos in our before-and-after gallery.

Face Lift or Mid-Facelift?

These two procedures have many similarities: both treat sagging facial skin, folds, and other signs of aging. However, a traditional facelift really only treats the lower part of the face, whereas the mid-facelift is a procedure solely designed to lift up and rejuvenate the drooping cheek area. Of course, everyone is unique and ages differently. Sometimes, a person has significant aging changes in a specific area (for example, a drooping brow) and only requires a single procedure. More often, the aging changes affect the entire face, and the combination of the facelift, brow lift, and mid-facelift, can lead to a fantastic comprehensive result leaving you looking younger, refreshed, and natural. Dr. Yalamanchili will guide you to your ideal facial enhancement after a thorough physical examination, review of lifestyle factors and health history, and detailed discussion of your goals.

If you are excited about the potential improvements cosmetic surgery can provide, please talk to our experienced facelift surgeon right away. Our team is ready to answer all of your facial plastic surgery questions and help you make positive changes in your appearance and self-confidence. To learn more, please request a consultation at the Belage Center.

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