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Botox Cosmetic & DysportBOTOX® Cosmetic is the famous “lunchtime” treatment that has led to a cosmetic revolution worldwide. It is by far the most commonly performed cosmetic treatment with literally millions of women and men taking advantage of the ability to smooth out unflattering facial lines and wrinkles. Dysport® is a more recent BOTOX alternative that is gaining popularity. The Belage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers both Dysport and BOTOX in Houston, TX performed with skill and precision by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili.

Visit us in Houston to see how BOTOX and Dysport treatments make it easy to improve your look. Request a consultation with Dr. Yalamanchili or call the Belage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery at (713) 978-7878 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili

An experienced, double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Yalamanchili makes the physical and emotional wellbeing of each patient a priority.


How it Works

It is a treatment that minimizes the appearance of specific facial wrinkles by limiting the muscle activity that causes those wrinkles to form. As opposed to the facial fillers that actually “fill in” wrinkles, BOTOX treatments creates an improvement by causing facial muscles to relax and “let go” of wrinkles and creases. These simple injections can be performed in a matter of minutes, with no downtime and very few risks. The results of BOTOX® Cosmetic and other injectables such as JUVÉDERM® and RADIESSE® are temporary, but patients can keep their wrinkles at bay with regular treatments.

Facelift Before & After Photos

facelift houston

Botox treatment for the glabella (wrinkle line between brows). View more photos of his real patients.

What is Dysport?

Dr. Yalamanchili is also excited to now offer Dysport® in his Houston cosmetic center, a BOTOX alternative that gets results using the same active ingredient as BOTOX® Cosmetic, but with a slightly formulation. Although it is new in the United States, Dysport has been used with great success in Europe for many years. Many patients have noted a quicker onset of the correction, which has come in handy for patients who needed to look their best for a special event that was a few days away.

We encourage you to learn more about BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport by visiting our Questions About BOTOX Cosmetic page.

What is XEOMIN?

Approved by the FDA in 2011, XEOMIN is another choice in injectable treatments for dynamic wrinkles such as lines between the eyebrows. It works in the same way as BOTOX and Dysport, by temporarily paralyzing targeted facial muscles. Unlike its competitors, XEOMIN is free from additives, which may decrease the likelihood of patients becoming resistant to the treatment. Dr. Yalamanchili will determine which product is best suited to your unique needs.

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