Chemical Peels

Chemical PeelsChemical peels are specially formulated skin treatments designed to address blemishes, age spots, and other skin impurities. Various strengths and combinations are available in order to allow us to customize the treatment to your particular needs. All of these peels are designed to improve your skin complexion, texture, and tone.

To learn more about chemical peels, or other skin treatments, and how they can improve your appearance, request a consultation or call to schedule an appointment.

Menu of Chemical Peels

When you visit the Belage Skin Care Center, we will help you choose the peel that fits your needs and available recovery time. Options include:

  • Red Carpet Peel
  • Glyco-Bright Peel
  • Light Rejuvenizer Peel
  • Ultra Rejuvenizer Peel
  • Refine Peel
  • Glow MiniPeel

Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili

An experienced, double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Yalamanchili makes the physical and emotional wellbeing of each patient a priority.


Red Carpet Peel

Hollywood’s little secret! This peel combines brightening compounds, giving you a healthy glow with no downtime. The Red Carpet peel is gentle enough for any skin type. This is the perfect treatment to get right before your special event or glamorous party.

Glyco-Bright Peel

The Glyco-Bright Peel can help improve the signs of aging skin: roughness, fine wrinkling, and superficial blemishes. When applied to the skin, it gently exfoliates — stimulating the outer layers of the skin and encouraging new cell turnover with little to no downtime.

Light Rejuvenizer Peel

The Light Rejuvenizer Peel utilizes a unique combination of peeling agents in order to eliminate dead skin cells (which are responsible for the dull and sallow appearance of facial skin). Designed to target the outermost layer of skin, it helps to improve mild pigmentation issues and unevenness of skin texture. Once this outer layer is turned over, the underlying new skin is revealed leading to a pleasing, refreshed glow. Patients may experience a light flaking which may last 2 to 3 days. This peel can be performed on all skin types.

Ultra Rejuvenizer Peel

The Ultra Rejuvenizer Peel is a stronger combination of peeling agents that provide controlled and deeper exfoliation of the uppermost damaged layers of the skin to reveal healthier, rejuvenated skin. This peel can help in the reduction of moderate to severe brown spots, large pores, fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, rough texture, and oily skin. The Ultra Rejuvenizer Peel can be performed on most skin types and patients can expect 3 to 4 days of skin flaking.

Refine Peel

The Refine Peel refreshes your skin with a unique synthesis of cell turn-over enhancers, including a pain-free TCA and vitamin A. Enjoy a more youthful glow and renewed texture with minimal to no downtime. Your experience is complemented with a customized take-home product kit that is precisely tailored to maximize the result of your treatment.

Glow MiniPeel

The Glow MiniPeel Enhancement System represents a new generation of chemical peels that help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots (hyperpigmentation). This system uses mild acids combined with potent non-acidic ingredients that do not wound or injure skin — making it safe for patients with darker complexions. To maximize the benefit of this peel, patients are provided with a clear, detailed at-home care regimen following the removal of the peel solution.

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