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Plastic surgery can have amazing results, but it is not for everyone. At the Belage Center, our facial cosmetic surgeon and support team want to make sure that cosmetic surgery is the best way to achieve your appearance goals. It is also our job to ensure that you meet the physical requirements for surgery in order to provide the safest experience possible. Your first visit with us is an enlightening session that can fill you in on all the details about the surgical process, possible results, safety, and more.

Knowledge is Power

Most new patients have little or no experience with cosmetic surgery, so think of your consultation as an educational session. There is no commitment, and you can explore our procedures as well as our center to see if you are comfortable with our team and the services we have to offer. Our quiet, peaceful office environment is the perfect setting to contemplate your needs and learn about our services. Your personal consultation is also your opportunity to interview us, as well as our chance to see if you are in the right place to accomplish your goals.

Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili

An experienced, double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Yalamanchili makes the physical and emotional wellbeing of each patient a priority.


Communication is Key

It is integral that Dr. Yalamanchili understand your needs and motivations in order to provide you with very personalized results. We ask that you are completely upfront about your desired results, fears, and concerns, and we, in turn, promise to give you our full attention and share valuable professional feedback. During the consultation, you can ask all the questions you need to get a true picture of cosmetic surgery and its benefits. We are excited to share our before and after gallery with you and discuss the amazing potential that these treatments provide.

Your Next Step

ConsultationWhether you have specific questions and are interested in a particular procedure, or you would like our help narrowing down your facial enhancement possibilities, we are here to guide you to a solution you can feel completely confident about. Once you have chosen your perfect procedure or combination of procedures, we will schedule you for any pre-operative appointments and choose a date for surgery.

If you are ready to come in and learn more about procedures like face lift, eyelid lift, nose reshaping, facial fillers, and others, please contact the Belage Center to schedule your first visit with Dr. Yalamanchili.


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