Selecting Your Surgeon

Knowing how to choose a cosmetic surgeon is essential to get experienced care and satisfactory results. Before entrusting your health and appearance to a cosmetic surgeon, carefully consider the surgeon’s experience, education, and training.

You can ask cosmetic surgeons questions about where they went to school, where they received residency training, and what specific procedures and specialties they have experience with. Make sure that the surgeon has proper credentials, including relevant education and training.

It is important to find out if the surgeon is board certified. Board certification means that the surgeon has met certain standards. For example, if the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery like Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili, then the surgeon has:

  • Completed residency training
  • Successfully completed rigorous tests
  • Performed at least 100 facial plastic surgeries
  • Has appropriate licensure

Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili

An experienced, double board-certified surgeon, Dr. Yalamanchili makes the physical and emotional wellbeing of each patient a priority.


To learn more about the surgeon’s education and experience, you may want to ask:

  • Are you board certified? By what board?
  • Where did you earn your medical degree from?
  • What was your residency specialty?
  • What continuing education do you participate in?

Even if a surgeon has many years of experience, find out what experience the surgeon has with the procedure you are interested in. For example, a cosmetic surgeon can be highly skilled in rhinoplasty but may have never performed your procedure.

Determine the cosmetic surgeon’s experience and competence with your procedure by asking:

      • How many times have you performed the procedure that I am seeking?
      • Can you show me before-and-after photos of your patients who have received the same procedure?
      • How is the procedure performed?
      • Am I a good candidate for this procedure? Should I consider any alternatives?
      • What are the associated risks and complications of this procedure?
      • How many of your patients have come back for revision surgery following this procedure?

Another thing to consider is how the surgeon interacts with you. How forthcoming is the surgeon in answering your questions? It is apparent that the surgeon wants you to be informed? A cosmetic surgeon who displays candor in discussion with you is more likely to be attentive to minimizing risk and addressing your concerns.

For a cosmetic surgery consultation in Houston, please contact the experienced and board-certified Dr. Yalamanchili at the Belage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery.

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